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Empowering Women through Nonviolent Self Defense Training

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  • Problem with Typical Self Defense Class

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    Why Standard Women's Self Defense Classes Don't Work

    You might start out thinking "I don't want to worry about protecting myself...what's the fastest/easiest way to solve that problem?" Or you might feel "I could never do martial arts...that's really for men."

    A cottage industry for "Women's Self Defense Classes" sprang up to serve this need. But can someone really learn enough to defend themselves in one class? We can try to answer that question with another question. Have you ever known anyone who could take 1 tennis lesson, quit for 2 years, and then get a job as a tennis pro? If you answer that question with a "no" then you understand that the cottage industry that sprouted up actually doesn't serve the need at all.

    The real need is to feel confident and empowered when pressured, even if attacked by someone stronger than you. That's where we come in...

  • Most Popular Self Defense for Women
    Most Popular Self Defense for Women

    Aikido and Tai Chi are the two most popular martial arts for women. Aikido has flowing circular techniques that are beautiful, yet quite powerful, and require little strength. Tai chi is similar but uses slow moving forms that emphasize health, similar to our Yoga Classes. Aikido is mainly a partner practice while Tai Chi is mainly a form based practice. Both are considered nonviolent forms as self defense in that they emphasize controling an attacker while minimizing harm.

  • Our Program: Confident - Empowered - Safe
    How our Program Works
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    Our center offers the two martial arts that are most popular for women - Aikido and Tai Chi. We use our training methods to introduce you to the real benefits you seek. As in any endeavor, you get out of it what you put into it. So your job is essentially to do a cost - benefit analysis to see what you want to put into it.

    By starting these training methods, you begin to get a sense of what you need to put into it. By interacting with others in our community, you also get a sense of the benefits you can expect over time.

    • 2 Weeks Tai Chi, Aikido & Yoga for $25
    • Special focus on avoiding violence before it starts
    • Boost your confidence
    • Get in shape
    • Practical experience defending vs. stronger opponents

    You should have some the beginnings of confidence and feeling more empowered. You will also know what you need to put into it in order to get what you are really looking for...

  • Private Lessons - Introduction to Self Defense for Women
    Special Situations

    We have offered self defense on college campuses and other private lessons. It is a lecture and information based class as opposed to technique based. It is designed purely as an introduction.

    1. Situational awareness to avoid violence
    2. Use of body mechanics and leverage to build confidence
    3. Demonstration of a few self defense techniques

    We can offer a 1 hour class as an introduction to self defense for women. We generally charge $100/hour plus $10/person on our premises. We can travel, but will add a charge to cover the costs. Please feel free to contact us to inquire.


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