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MMA Gyms vs. Traditional Martial Arts

Navigating the Waters

Are you missing the main benefits of martial arts in daily life: Complete Self Defense & Peaceful Relationships?

  • A Moment's Pause

    Bruce Lee once said that martial arts is not about fighting, it is a way of life. Is MMA really about fighting?

    He had a very good reason to explain this point. The main risks to one's safety are not an assault. One is far more likely to suffer injury in an accident, as in auto or even falling, or from illness.

    Combat martial arts training that focuses on fighting narrows the field of vision to one opponent. Peripheral events come as surprises and the reflexes to deal with them are weak. Extreme exercise and stress can also affect health badly.

    Traditional martial arts have existed for over a thousand years because they knew this. Training open awareness and relaxation for daily life directly improves the main risks to health and safety, while also improving one's ability to defend themselves.

  • Qualities of a Good Teacher
    Characteristics of the Teacher

    Lineage. Lineage is a time tested method to insure quality control in instruction. You start with one of the great martial artists of all time. That highly realized practitioner certifies his students to go out and teach. The knowledge is passed from one generation to another with teachers standing behind the instruction given by their students. If a student has a serious problem and is considered unqualified to teach, their teacher withdraws support.

    Is this method perfect? Absolutely not. There are failings. However, when a teacher does not provide information on their background for you to check their qualifications, that could be a red flag to examine their school more closely.

    Teacher's Character. When you accept someone as your teacher, you tend to "grow up" just like them. If their character is faulty, you might develop some of the same tendencies yourself. Then at some point when you might want to part ways, life can become complicated. Lastly, a key function of martial arts training is to clear the mind to better perceive an attack before it is launched. This function has obvious benefits in self defense. But clarity of mind is based upon a solid foundation of ethics. Someone with faulty ethics cannot develop this ability, and then cannot teach it.

  • Characteristics of a Good School
    Characteristics of the School

    These attributes can help you find a good school:

    self defense Techniques should Work
    photo by Bill Aquino
    The Techniques Work

    This doesn't mean that they cannot be countered. Every technique can be countered. This simply means the techniques are well thought out and avoid obvious pitfalls. For example, the attacker should not throw themselves, but be thrown by the defender.

    senior martial art students should help Juniors
    photo by Bill Aquino
    Senior Students Take Care of Juniors

    This simply shows the school perpetuates the practice with a caring and helpful attitude. The environment is healthy and people are learning good character.

    martial arts students should enjoy themselves
    photo by Bill Aquino
    Student are Enjoying Themselves

    This is another sign of a healthy environment. Destructive competition and unhinged egotism is eschewed. Malice muddies the mind and reduces the ability to perceive an attack.

  • The Benefits your Seek

    Key Benefits

    martial arts are not about fighting - protection means defense against accidents and injury as well
    Avoid Injuries

    Better awareness & reflexes to avoid injuries due to accidents & falls.

    martial arts are designed to improve health
    Improve Health

    Relax and exercise to turn back the clock of aging with Tai Chi, Yoga, Aikido.

    martial arts are designed to improve health and increase peace and happiness
    Improve Relationships

    Martial Arts are fundamentally the study of peaceful conflict resolution.

    martial arts are not about fighting - self defense techniques are only a last resort
    Self Defense

    Martial arts lowers an already low chance of an attack and improves outcomes.

Explore the Options

While we only offer classes in Aikido & Tai Chi with Kung Fu, consider: There is no best martial art...only a best martial art for you. Which martial art best fits your disposition?

mma westchester

MMA - Widely popularized through TV, MMA is simply a vehicle to test any martial art in a restricted combat mode. The question is whether to study many styles loosely or one to two styles well.

aikido westchester

Aikido - The martial art of peace. Discover how compassion is the source of strength as you use the opponent's force against them.

ta chi westchester

Tai Chi for health and self defense as well. Health benefits come through training as self defense.

king fu westchester

Kung Fu - The original striking martial art. Sophisticated and diverse with many styles and an emphasis on striking.

karate westchester

Karate - Kung Fu migrated through the Okinawan Islands to mainland Japan as Karate. Emphasis on striking and sparring.

taekwondo westchester

Taekwondo - the migration continued to Korea where Karate fused with indigenous Korean arts and is known for high kicks.

judo westchester

Judo was developed from many ancient styles of Jujitsu and turned into a sport. Emphasis is on throwing and submission grappling.

jiu jitsu westchester

Jiu Jitsu - The original empty hand martial art of Japan was formed by the Samurai for self defense when unarmed. Over 1,000 years breeds many traditions.


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