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Adult Aikido Classes

Key Benefits

Avoid Injuries

Better awareness & reflexes to avoid injuries due to accidents & falls.

Improve Health

Relax and exercise to turn back the clock of aging.

Improve Relationships

Martial Arts are fundamentally the study of peaceful conflict resolution.

Self Defense

Martial arts lowers an already low chance of an attack and improves outcomes.

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If you are interested in Aikido, join the dojo whose advanced lineage most closely replicates the methods of the Aikido founder.

Photo: Courtesy Matthew Salacuse

  • News
    2019 All Japan
    2019 All Japan
    2019 All Japan
  • Why Aikido
    Aikido is a Distinct Martial Art
    • Learn to control an attacker without harm.
    • Circular movements to evade multiple attackers.
    • Using the opponents force against them.
    • No competition - gradual increase in resistance.
  • Why Iwama Aikido
    Why Iwama Aikido?
    • Strong emphasis on basics with gradual progression to most advanced practice
    • Iwama Aikido developed by one of top three students of Aikido Founder
    • The only style with complete weapons system taught by the Aikido Founder.

    How is Iwama Aikido Different?
    Uses same training methods as Aikido Founder
    Why are Weapons so Important?
    Advanced Aikido training
  • Daily Training
    Training Snippets
    Aikido Training Snippets...
    Broad sample of Aikido in the dojo
  • Seminars
    Why are Seminars so Important?

    A key component of our training are seminars home and away with some of the best instructors in the US. Both on and off the mats, dojo members get to know top instructors and see how Aikido has positively affected their character.

    Still Mind Aikido Seminars

    Past Seminars: Updated 6/2019

    Travel Team: May 2019 Japan Trip

    For roughly 2 weeks, five dojo members traveled with Larson Sensei to train at Hombu dojo in Tokyo, demonstrate representing the US in the All Japan Aikido Demo, train in the founder's dojo in Iwama, among others...

    Japan with Larson Sensei Hombu, Tokyo
    Founder's Dojo
    Weapons in Founder's Dojo
    Uchideshi Quarters
    Home Team: May 2019 Goto Sensei
    Minnesota 2018
    Minnesota 2018
    Minnesota 2018
    Travel Team: Mar 2019 Minn Larson Sensei
    Minnesota 2018
    Minnesota 2018
    Travel Team: Oct 2018 Winnipeg Larson Sensei
    Minnesota 2018
    Minnesota 2018
    Minnesota 2018
    Home Team: Sept 2018 Larson Sensei

    Our first international seminar with visitors from Denmark, Winnipeg (Manitoba Canada), Nevada, Minnesota, Tennessee, Florida

    Plus seven blackbelt tests

    Minnesota 2018
    Minnesota 2018
    Minnesota 2018
    Minnesota 2018
    Travel Team: May 2018 Lake Tahoe
    Minnesota 2018
    Minnesota 2018
    Home Team: 2018 Kim Peuser Sensei
    2018 Kim Peuser Sensei
    Travel Team: Minnesota 2018 Larson Sensei
    Travel Team: Minnesota 2018
    Minnesota 2018 Weapons
    Travel Team: Dallas 2018 Larson Sensei
    Travel Team: Dallas 2018 Larson Sensei
    Travel Team: Dallas 2018 Larson Sensei

    In the interest of brevity, we only keep a couple of years and/or some key events in this tab.

  • Nature of Martial Arts Training
    The Nature of Martial Arts Training

    Imagine a customer walks up to the counter in a drugstore and asks, "I would like to buy some peace of mind. What isle do you have that on?"

    Martial arts training, to be most effective, is about developing peace of mind in the most difficult of circumstances. As everyone knows, peace of mind cannot be found in a bottle. It can only be found in you. But finding it takes effort.

Drilling Down: How it Works


Self Defense Goals
Health / Fitness Goals

Self Defense Learn More

Ultimately, self defense comes from understanding the underlying principles of Aikido with reflexive responses in the techniques from extensive practice. The curriculum is designed to bring the student there step by step over time. We study 250 basic techniques over 5 - 6 years to achieve a first degree black belt in technique. Study alternates between building a practice and intensive focus on key techniques for an exam. Principles are explained ad hoc during classes and enhanced periodically through seminars with world class instructors. Ultimately students can begin to train to teach Aikido themselves. More information on the practice is given below.

Fitness / Health Learn More

One key aspect to improving fitness and health in Aikido is to train in a relaxed manner. The legs are engaged powerfully at all times while the upper body is often relaxed. This approach improves health as well as fitness in general. As a result, leg strength is gained throughout the practice. Arm strength develops through training in weapons. Cardio vascular improvement and core strength take place through taking falls. The dojo is not focused on developing olympic athletes. Practice is designed to start where you are and build up your capacity, so people with injuries or who are not fit may begin as well. Ultimately, the degree of fitness in any given class will depend upon your proficiency, as greater proficiency allows for more intense training.

Discipline Learn More

When one searches to improve their focus, concentration, confidence, sense of peace and happiness in life, etc., Aikido is a complete practice. This discipline infuses and enhances the self defense and health / fitness aspects of the practice. This subject is discussed in class only when related questions arise. Our dojo is also fortunate to have access to some very senior instructors with excellent understanding and ability to teach. Spending time and interacting with these teachers can help the student better understand the impact of Aikido on their character and lifestyle in our culture. Ultimately, the practice culminates with the ability to respond reflexively to circumstances without interference from conception thoughts.


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