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Still Mind offers yoga in a friendly, relaxed environment. Yoga has long been considered a mindful practice to help bring balance to body, mind, and spirit. We teach this way. Our classes are approachable for all levels, meeting you right where you are. As with anything, you get out of it what you put into it, and with a committed practice yoga can change your life. We have a carefully crafted schedule that allows students to practice yoga several times a week with diverse teachers that work together, dedicated to helping you create a personalized practice. Our space is shared with other contemplative programs operated by Integrated Peace Arts: Tai Chi, Aikido, and meditation (Zen and other forms). Karate is offered ini addition. The energy of all of these modalities brings relaxation and centeredness at every moment of each class, and infuses our space with peace and joyful dedication. We are conveniently located at the heart of southern Westchester County, on Central Ave at the outskirts of White Plains with our own parking lot.

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Our Classes


Our classes are all connected with the mission of helping people find peace, health and happiness in daily activities.



Yoga classes for adults and children with a variety of instructors. The focus of all classes are stilling the mind to develop greater peace and improved health / vitality

tai chi chuan

Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi Chuan is a Chinese martial art which emphasizes health sometimes as much as self defense. It is known as an internal martial art.

adult aikido

Adult Aikido

Our style of Aikido, unique to Westchester, has a strong foundation in basics, progressing to the highest forms of martial arts training. We are known for an emphasis on weapons.


Adult Karate

Details coming soon.

Women's Self Defense

Kids Karate

Details coming soon.

kids aikido

Kids Aikido

Aikido has benefits for children, as opposed to other martial arts. Selecting a martial art for a child is somewhat different than for an adult.

Dedicated Teachers


We have carefully chosen seasoned yoga practitioners, serious about their practice and qualified to conduct a safe, accessible, and peaceful class. Scroll through our teacher bios to learn more about the dedicated staff at Still Mind Yoga.

Matt Fass

Stephanie Slawek

Jennifer Bobbe

stop activity and return to stillness, and that stillness will be even more active

About Still Mind Yoga

In a world filled with violence and discord, how can a person find peace? A personal contemplative practice is essential to remaining centered amidst the storms of life. Still Mind Martial Arts & Yoga is a place where you can find the tools you need for inner peace and health through the disciplines of yoga, tai chi, aikido, karate, and meditation. The best way to make the world more peaceful is for people to become more peaceful themselves and share it with others. This requires a regular mind/body practice done in community with the support and encouragement of others.


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