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  • Age 70 - Still Mind Tai Chi & Yoga

    I have been going to Still Mind for Tai Chi and Yoga instruction for more than a year.

    The Tai Chi classes help with balance, coordination, and perseverance. Steve, who teaches Tai Chi, also has extensive experience in the martial arts. He adds additional insights to Tai Chi by relating the movements to their martial arts origins. The Tai Chi is further enhanced by occasional field trips to meet others studying the Master Yu Tai Chi tradition. Steve is a patient and dedicated instructor.

    I also attend the Hatha Yoga classes at Still Minds conducted by Matt. These Yoga classes are physically invigorating and are certain to lift your spirits. Matt tunes each of his classes to match, with just the right amount of stretch, the capabilities of the students. Matt can provide insights into the philosophical background of the Yoga practice. He is also a licensed massage therapist. After just a few sessions he significantly increased the mobility and reduced pain in my neck and shoulders! Matt’s Yoga and massage sessions are always calming and professionally done - highly recommended!

    Still Mind is a great place to be challenged and enlightened in a fun and welcoming environment.

  • - Still Mind Yoga, Tai Chi & Aikido

    The owners of Still Mind, Steve and Kim, are a wonderful team and amazing teachers. They are both patient, kind, and funny. They provide a fantastic introductory rate of $25 for two weeks of unlimited yoga, tai chi, and aikido. With this great opportunity, I encourage you to try all three disciplines.

    It's a beautiful sunlit space, that is filled with positive energy and a peaceful vibe. You have an array of yoga props to choose from and shelves of great books, covering each discipline, to reference.

    The teachers Steve, Kim, Stephanie, Matt, and Jennifer are well trained and excellent. They have unique and safe teaching styles. I'm so grateful to them, as well as the men and women that I practice alongside. I have learned so much!

    On a personal note, I've been coming here for two years and it has been very beneficial to my mind, body, and spirit. The classes help me work out my musculoskeletal issues and truly Still my mind. I always feel so much better and a sense of peace at the completion of each class. Hope to see you on the mat in the studio/dojo soon:)

  • - Still Mind Yoga

    I have been going to Still Mind Yoga for about a year now. I first discovered them while searching online after having hurt my back, as the injury was getting me down both physically and mentally and I needed to get myself well again. Steve and Kim were very welcoming and I immediately took to their gentle and thoughtful manner. I had tried yoga on and off in the past but had always dropped out after only one class as it had never inspired me the way it seemed to for other people. I initially tried classes with both Matt and Kim and the experience was so much better than any other classes I had tried. Their directions were clear and easy to follow, making the breathing come naturally with the poses, and they were careful to help with my particular needs. Not just my back but my whole body felt better afterwards and their manner was quiet, relaxing and calming for the mind. I now regularly attend classes with Stephanie, Kim and Matt. Each has a slightly different focus and style, i.e. strength and balance, breathing, relaxation and meditation, incorporating music and chants. So I enjoy having a choice to fit my needs on a particular day. The instructors are exceptional, lovely people and pay personal attention to the needs of everyone in the class. You are free to challenge yourself as much as you feel is good for you at the time and there is no sense of having to keep up or compete, but just to go with how your body feels as you move through the poses. I am very grateful to have found Still Mind Yoga - it's name says it all - and for the resulting benefits to my overall health and wellbeing.

  • - Still Mind Yoga

    After moving to White Plains 1 year ago, I began searching for a perfect Yoga home. It took several visits to other places until I found Still Mind Yoga. It is a warm, inviting, friendly Yoga studio and Kim always offers modifications so beginners can practice with more experienced students and everyone gets what they're looking for.! Perfect!

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