Still Mind Martial Arts & Yoga

White Plains, NY


Still Mind Martial Arts and Yoga: About Us

Still Mind Yoga and Martial Arts Center was founded by Steve Kanney and Kim Gold as a place where people could find all the tools they need for inner peace and health. Still Mind Yoga Center can trace its roots back to Steve Kanney’s Aikido school in Scarsdale, NY (Scarsdale Aikido), where Steve and Kim met. Aikido is a Japanese martial art that is translated as “the way of harmony with ki (life force)”. Steve Kanney has been training in this practice for over 35 years, having achieved a 5th degree black belt. Steve founded Scarsdale Aikido in 2002, teaching students out of a gym. After the school grew, he later moved the dojo to White Plains.

Kim Gold began training in Aikido as an extension of her Zen Buddhist practice. She soon began assisting Steve in the children’s program. By 2007, they had expanded the program to include an early childhood program, special needs program, and a children’s yoga program. In 2009 Kim, a longtime practitioner of yoga, became certified to teach through Atmananda Yoga in New York City. She also became certified to teach children’s yoga and special needs yoga. She began teaching students privately and in groups. Kim took a hiatus from teaching to complete her M.S. in Marriage and Family Therapy. Upon completion, she combined her background in the meditative disciplines with her academic and clinical work to create a mindfulness-based weight loss program: Mindful Life Weight Loss.

It was during the Mindful Life Weight Loss groups that Still Mind Yoga was born. Steve and Kim found themselves counseling people to adopt a physical practice where they could quiet the mind and calm the body, as a way of dealing with emotional and stress eating. They referred people to tai chi, Aikido, or yoga, and people began to ask if they could offer yoga. In response to the need for yoga in their community, they decided to open a center dedicated to helping people calm the fluctuations of their minds, while at the same time improving health.

Steve and Kim have put together a staff of dedicated, sincere, and expert yoga instructors committed to bringing a little more peace to this part of Westchester County. Still Mind Martial Arts and Yoga offers Yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Gung, Aikido, meditation, and the Mindful Life Weight Loss Program.