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Still Mind Martial Arts & Yoga
      White Plains NY

Still Mind Martial Arts & Yoga

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Still Mind Martial Arts & Yoga of White Plains NY: Our Mission

When engaging in active disciplines such as self defense or health related exercise, the stillness of mind can create efficiency and economy of movement, effectiveness and a greater sense of peace. At Still Mind Martial Arts and Yoga in White Plains, our approach is to elicit just this state of being and bring about great benefit. Our programs target self defense not only from an assailant, but from illness as well, and so practices for health and healing are included. Yoga, Chi Gung and the Mindful Life Weight Loss program are among them.


Martial Arts

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We offer classes in Aikido, Tai Chi Chuan, and Chi Gung for self defense and healing.

Yoga - Wellness

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Our health and wellness programs include Yoga, weight loss, nutrition advice and mindfulness based exercise.